Viper Euro Bait Boat

If you demand the best from your carp fishing, then the Viper Euro Bait Boat will be top of your list. It's not cheap, but then quality of this high standard shouldn't be!

Viper Euro Bait BoatThe 'Euro' Viper is built to the same high standards as the Viper 3 with the following extras:
  • More powerful cluster spotlight (7 LED's)
  • Faster top speed
  • Unique double hopper for more bait
  • Catamaran hull design to cut through choppier waters
  • Two x 12 volt batteries positioned one in each hull to give even weight distribution. (Boat works from one battery and can easily be changed over to other battery when required.
  • Physically larger size to cope with bigger waters, especially overseas.
  • No priming necessary.
  • Complete with Solar Panel And Carryall.

Euro dimensions:

800mm x 440mm x 300mm

Where To Buy The Viper Euro Bait Boat

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Ebay Various New & Secondhand Viper Bait Boats For Sale Click Here

The Video Below Is One That We Found On YouTube, Showing You How To Get The Best From Your Viper Bait Boat