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Bait Boat Fish Finders

It was inevitable that, as bait boats became more widespread and companies produced them in bigger numbers, the technology that drives them would advance, too. A bait boat fish finder is now standard kit on most bait boats.

If you already own a bait boat, there’s a chance that the manufacturer already supplies a ready-to-fit fish finder. If not, don’t worry, as there is now a huge choice of universal bait boat fish finders for sale.

We’ve highlighted many of these above. Some of them will probably already be familiar to most anglers, such as the Deeper Pro fish finder range. You can even buy a universal bait boat fish finder mount to attach them to your own bait boat in seconds.

As with a lot of technology, you often get what you pay for, but don’t let that put you off if you’re on a tight budget. Even a cheap bait boat fish finder will give you more information about the lake you’re fishing than no fish finder at all and, to be honest, many are perfectly suitable for UK carp fishing.

A lot of top-end bait boats come with a Toslon fish finder. These aren’t the cheapest fish finders out there, but they are obviously pretty good, otherwise you wouldn’t see them fitted on expensive bait boats. If you can buy a Toslon brand new, great, but if cash is tight and you’re not in a rush, check out the eBay auctions for a cheap second hand bait boat fish finder. As long as it’s been looked after and all the bits are there, you should be able to get a great deal!