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Bait Boats are very much part of the modern specimen angler’s arsenal, enabling the dedicated angler to target carpets of baits and hookbaits accurately and efficiently.

Even a cheap bait boat is probably going to cost you more than just about any other item of fishing tackle, so we hope that by showing you the best selection of cheap bait boats for sale in the UK, you can buy a bait boat of your dreams without breaking the bank!

In our website menu you will find links to information on many of the most popular bait boats for sale in the UK today. If you’re not familiar with bait boats, it may well be worth reading them all and comparing bait boats, as some have different features to others.

Each bait boat specification page will have a link to a website selling bait boats online. These links are often useful if you need more information. And don’t be afraid to ask – any retailer worth their salt should jump through hoops to help you choose the right baitboat for YOUR fishing.

Good luck with choosing the right bait boat and tight lines!