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TFG Delta Bait Boat

The TF Gear Delta Bait Boat is a compact boat with great load capacity; this pocket battleship will carry your bait and rigs to those distant hot spots with ease.

It’s easy to manoeuvre and is designed to guarantee unrivalled efficiency, incredible long battery life, total reliability, in order to give you the ability to fish better than you ever dreamt possible!

If you are looking for an edge then power up the Delta!

The following was taken from the original launch information. Please check specifications with your chosen supplier.

  • Outstanding 400m range depending on conditions
  • Foolproof bait dropping system reliable every time
  • Impressive 1.5kg carrying capacity
  • Long battery life – over 2 hours at maximum speed
  • Front lights to aid baiting against visible features and marker floats

Price at time of publishing: £600.00