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TFG Patriot Bait Boat

There used to be a time when bait boats were solely owned by only the richest of carp anglers. However, prices have plummeted over the years and you can now get a very good bait boat for less than the cost of some big pit reels!

The TFG Patriot Bait Boat is a prime example of this. Many anglers already know and trust the Matt Hayes Total Fishing Gear (TFG) range and this boat is built to a very high standard.

The very best digital circuitry and electronic components are housed within a virtually indestructible hull. What’s more, the weed guard enables you to use it on even the weediest of waters. It’s often when fishing in weedy waters that a bait boat really comes into its element, as it enables you to place your bait accurately, even at distance. It claims to go up to 300 metres, so I dare say you’ll see a few being used on the big French carp lakes.

The carry handle makes this bait boat extremely portable, even when full to its 1.2 litre bait capacity, and the hull is a revolutionary design that is impossible to sink.

The following was taken from the original launch information. Please check specifications with your chosen supplier.

At the time of writing, the TFG Patriot Bait Boat was just £299.99. Please view the links above to see what the current price is and to check any special offers.

It was only a matter of time before TF Gear released a new bait boat. Let’s face it, they’ve cornered the value for money market in just about every other facet of specimen carp angling, and here it is, the awesome new TFG Delta Bait Boat – the little boat with the big engine.