Viper Icon Bait Boat

Viper Icon Bait BoatIt almost seems wrong to say that an item that costs a shade under £500 is an 'entry-level' bait boat, but such is the hi-spec of the Viper range that this piece of ingenuity is actually their cheapest boat. In most other ranges, the Viper Icon Bait Boat would be the flagship model!

You've only got to take a look at the specification below to realise why so many carp and pike anglers have chosen the Icon:

  • Made from glossy acrylic capped ABS.
  • Twin jet pumps that do not need to be primed, just put in the water and off she goes.
  • Jet pumps also less susceptible to weed and other debris.
  • All boats have superb manoeuvrability, allowing precise placement of bait.
  • Built in battery meter and navigation lights as standard.
  • Quick change battery system allows batteries to be changed in seconds. Central hopper (capacity 1kg ).
  • Comes with radio handset with set of 8 AA alkaline batteries. 12 volt 7amp/hr boat battery and fast charger.
  • Instructions and warranty.
  • All new Viper boats comply with CE and ROHC regulations.

Dimensions. 590mm x 330mm x 210mm

Now Comes with free Rucksack Boat Holdall

Where To Buy The Viper MK3 Bait Boat

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Viper Bait Boat Video