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Carptechnics SB3 Pro Gen7

  • Bulletproof 2.4GHz, AFHDS radio link immune to any interference
  • Incredibly compact design makes it easy to store in the car boot and carry to your swim, a massive advantage over other boats on the market
  • Enhanced integral buoyancy to prevent sinking
  • Main body structure manufactured in house using reinforced high impact acrylic capped black ABS
  • At just 50 cm long it is the smallest bait boat in its class yet delivers more bait than some boats twice its size
  • Two independent hoppers with perfectly closing 316 marine grade stainless steel doors and vertical sides, perfect when using maggots or small wet particles
  • Hoppers have large openings allowing the use of large 60mm balls of ground-bait, 28mm halibut pellets, even live and dead-baits
  • Doors open individually or simultaneously with dedicated bait drop control, perfect for all PVA use as the doors sit above the waterline, (Optional: Hopper cover available for added PVA protection)
  • Quick bait up time takes out two rods to two different spots in one trip
  • The Sb3 triple hull design is extremely stable and manoeuvrable in strong crosswinds on large open choppy waters, fully loaded or unloaded
  • Quick change rechargeable boat battery takes just a few seconds to change over batteries
  • Perfectly balanced laser cut 316 stainless steel fold-down handle maintaining the unique low profile, (Optional Easy-lift saves bending down to place the boat in the water)
  • Programmable 6-10 channel digital 2.4GHz AFHDS radio-controlled system, Full range +800-meter, frequency hopping
  • Dimming of LED navigation lights allows you to adjust the brightness (no need to blind yourself at night-time (unique!)
  • Switchable remote-controlled LED navigation light system
  • Digital voltmeter display for boat battery status
  • Built-in fail-safe, safeguards and protects handset and boat electronic components
  • Digital microprocessor control with variable speed in forward and reverse
  • Easy to use one hand control with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you the freedom to move tight to features without spooking the fish
  • Powerful ultra-low noise 750BB series HD propeller drive system as standard
  • Weed guard, equipped with the latest design enables the boat to pass over loose surface weed safely without becoming stranded or losing steering control common fault on other boats
  • Compact dimensions: L 50 cm x W 35 cm x H 21 cm
  • Lightweight without battery 3.2kg with boat battery 4.1kg
  • Bait capacity: Twin hoppers, 1.8 kg of Boilies or 2.2 wet particles
  • Standard battery: 8000 mAh SLA battery with SLA charger (2.5 hour running time)
  • All Carptechnics bait boats comply with CE, ROHS, & WEEE regulations

Also available is the SB3 Pro-X which contains a lithium-ion battery, reducing weight and increasing running time.