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New Direction Smart Bait Boat

If you’re into your tech, then the ND Smart Bait Boat could be right up your street. One of the most technologically advanced bait boats available, the ND Smart Bait Boat packs some impressive features including:

  • Full Self-Driving Hardware – It will come back automatically when the wireless signal is lost.
  • Full Featured App – Navigate with maps and real time position information direct to your phone or tablet.
  • Unique Lighting System – Head lights, body lights and tail lights. Light indicator system can hep you distinquish the driving direction of the boat which is helpful when you’re driving at long distances.
  • Easily Detachable Parts – A modular design that is easy to maintain.
  • Mini Ergonomically Designed Transmitter – Transmission range of up to 300m on free sight, free of interference. Can be operated one handed with ease.
  • Double Diversion Propellers – The boat runs effortlessly on all waters by means of its two powerful jet drives, it can run 6.2 miles range per change.
  • Two Hoppers and One Hook Release – Two independent hoppers and 1 independent hook release system. The boat can carry 3kgs of bait with 1.5kgs in each hopper.
  • Easy to Update Firmware – SD Card slots help you to upgrade the boat software, easily.