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The Lake Reaper

The Lake Reaper boat is a compact bait boat built to a high quality at a sensible price. This boat has been tested by the Lake Reaper team extensively in France, it proved to be a reliable and easy to use boat. It is quiet in the water and has a long-running time and is easy to use.

The boats beauty is in its simplicity, it is easy to control with an ergonomically designed controller that ensures that you don’t accidentally release the bait. It also has proportional speed, allowing you to adjust the bait boat speed depending on circumstances.

The hopper can hold 1kg of bait with the bait released via a trap door under the hopper, rigs can also be placed in the hopper with ease. For those tricky to get to places, the aerial folds down so it won’t snag and weed guards protect the propellers from clogging up.

The built-in 2.4 GHz radio you won’t get any interference from other boat transmitters in the area, it also gives the boat a long range of some 450+ meters. Switches on the boat allow the lights to be turned on and there is a digital batter indication that shows the voltage of the batteries so you know when they need to be charged or changed. The handset also has an audible sound when the batteries are running low.

The Lake Reaper uses components that are common in model boats, so finding spares and repairing the boat is easy if needed. Most of the components are usually a straight swap. Lake Reaper keep all spare parts in stock, so any issues can be solved quickly. The Lake Reaper can also be fitted with a Fishfinder if required.

  • Built in 2.4GHz radio prevents interference from other anglers boats aswell as giving the boat a longer range of up to 450 meters!
  • Includes 2 x 6 volt 5ah batteries for operating the boat & lights which give you a 3-4 hours continuous run time (approx)
  • Fold down aerial on boat to prevent snagging
  • Hopper will hold 1 KG of bait + hook bait
  • We keep all spare parts in stock!
  • Boat takes apart easily so you can access it yourself